Welcome to SWM


Getting Started

with Sherri and Secret Weapon Media


I am really looking forward to working with you to implement and finish the things you really need done!

  • Meetings: My Zoom account will send you a unique link when you complete the booking below – this is my platform of choice, especially for onboarding, because it beats skype for stability and it allows for remote control of screens.

  • Logins needed – this will be customized to what we have discussed in the email you will (or have) received

  • Communications: All correspondence should be directed to sherri@secretweaponmedia.com ESPECIALLY if it is task oriented – from here I will create a ‘work order’ in your project board and give it your preferred deadline.

  • File Sharing: I use google drive: secretweaponmedia@gmail.com; and Dropbox: sherri@secretweaponmedia.com; and OneDrive – let me know if you need this, I’ll have to make sure of which account I use and that it is active.

  • Again, THANK YOU for the opportunity to help you get back to doing what is most profitable for you!

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I hope your day/evening is amazing!
Toll-free voice & text: (877) 551-7278
cell(voice and text): 705-822-3603
Skype: raguths