You have limited time and know all the things you need to have done.

In actuality, you have that cloud of to-do’s in your mind that you want to get done. As a result, there is the idea that if it was all done, you’d feel centered, you’d be more successful.

The problem is that on the way to getting one crucial thing done, 19 other things stand in the way.

Therein lies the issue – those 19 things may not be the highest and best use of your time. What if you could off-load them, and really trust them to be done? Then you could actually focus and prioritize and get that other crucial thing done!

A lot of us spend our day doing that which is urgent but not necessarily important. Some of us are, a lot of times, guilty of doing the thing that is convenient to avoid the thing that is important. For instance, one great way to get back to the highest and best use of your time is to streamline your mundane chores.

There is a website, The Secret Weapon (dot) org which teaches a system of organizing and streamlining your daily activities based on the book by David Allen, called Getting Things Done.

In conclusion, I challenge you to implement even one thing you see on that site or read in that book. I’d lay odds you will have gained time to do one more important thing than before.

I recommend this approach to anyone who:

  • is tired of managing multiple dashboards
  • sees the value of automating some of the tasks they find they have to do themselves
  • desires to delegate the tasks that are not the highest and best use of their time
  • wants to feel more peaceful about the work they are truly getting done


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article, especially if you look up the website or buy the book I linked.

Getting Things Done (GTD) book by David Allen (updated)

by David Allen (updated)

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You have limited time and know all the things you need to have done. In actuality, you have that cloud of...

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